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to stop it? >> well, we suggest to do what we all agreed to do in geneva on the 30th of june when the initiative of -- supported by us, there was a meeting, ministerial meeting with five dominant members of the security council, arab league in the person of secretary-general, prime minister of qatar, minister of kuwait, as well as foreign minister of turkey, the european union and the person of -- and thenit nations secretary-general. and we spent some eight agonizing hours on that saturday, and we produced a document called geneva community by consensus. and we believe that this was a very fair compromise between the key outside players, which should be i pressed and imposed upon the parties. we then received a positive response from the assad government. this communicate among other things ask the government and their position to appoint interlockers to start a dialogue on the composition of transitional governing body. the body which would be empowered to prepare elections and the new constitution. and the government appointed such interlocutory, that position didn't do the sam
. northbound 280 at the ocean geneva exit. a ruck is partially off the exit -- a truck is partially off the exit. a truck hit a tree. traffic will be slowing down on northbound 280. 101 might be your best bet. if you use ocean again nia onramp, you will be -- geneva ona.m., you will be past -- onramp, you will be past the -- past the accident. if you are driving on the east bay commute, it's better today. it's crowded past the coliseum heading to downtown. let's go to steve. >>> a very good morning. i just tweeted out the visible satellite. cool -- we've seen colder. we've definitely seen warmer. for some, it's rather chilly but for others, it seems to be near normal. the fog bank continues to be big out there today. tropical clouds. 34 in truckee this morning. 38 in tahoe. it's getting cold in the mountains. travis is a little stronger today. i think we cool down. when concord buchanan get as west wind, that's when en-- that's when i saw it will be cooler. the season building here, that's gonna create a very fall- like system in the country. for us, it might be more of a seattle/portla
hard to bring them together. the last effort is geneva on the 30th of june. it brought together the foreign ministers of the eminent members of the security council. so there were all in geneva with the foreign minister's office, iraq, turkey, kuwait, and the secretary generaof the league of the un. and we came to an agreement on political settlement. you need political transition. they defined what political transition meant to. an interim government with foreign military powers. ensuring security forces have top months leaders. is sure you continue to offer institutions and services so that you don't have chaotic collapse this. but the moment you begin talking of an interim government with full executive powers, it means a sod is on his way out. the difference as exists today is for some he has to leave before the process. others to believe starting the process. and i have thought that they would come to new york. the security council and build on it. but instead they got into another action. the 1910. and the geneva communicate, and sitting there not be endorsed. >> host: do
in geneva. in addition to the foreign ministers of the permanent five we had qatar, kuwait, turkey and iraq there, with the secretaries general of the arab league and the u.n.. and the whole idea was to review syria, not in the competitive sort of where this group supports but to come together to see how we can move forward. and we agreed on the need for political transition and political settlement. and came up with guidelines and principleses for political-- if you wish a road masically saying there has to be an interim government, an interim government that will have full executive power. we need to try and maintain the security forces so that people will be protected and particularly in a situation where they also have chemical weapons. that has to be protected. as well as insurance that governmental institutions do not collapse. nobody wants a chaotic collapse. and everybody agreed. all, and they were to come to new york and endorse that agreement. tha has n been done yet. >> why not? >> i think when they got to new york they did not focus on building on that substantive gain in again
though i tried very hard to bring them together. the last effort was a meeting in geneva on the 30th of june, where i brought together the foreign ministers of the permanent members of the security council. so they're all in geneva with the foreign ministers, iraq, turkey, kuwait, qatar, and they secretaries general of the league of arab states and the u.n. and we came to an agreement on political settlement that you need political transition. and went further and even defined what political transition meant. that he would mean an interim government with four executive powers, and to assure that security forces have top notch leadership, and teeming to ensure the continuing -- continuity, so that you don't have chaotic collapse. but the moment you begin talking of government with full executive powers, it means aside is out or on his way out. the difference, which is total business today is for some, he has to leave before the process, for others he leaves during the process. and i had thought that they would come to new york and then the security council and build on it. >> hostit.
was opening the antiracism conference in geneva, switzerland, it was designed as a forum to reach the u.n.'s moral authority to end racism and discrimination, strengthening human rights everywhere. racism is a denial of human rights, pure and simple. there comes a time in the course of human kind when we must stand firm on the fundamental principles that binds us. there comes a time to reamp our faith in fundamental human rights and dignity and worth of us all. >> it was only the second conference of its kind in the u.n. 60 year history and as the secretary general concluded his opening remarks the man of united nations delivered the keynote -- tapped to deliver the keynote address wait the wings. >> the time is now, ladies and gentlemen. >> who would it stph-b who would it be, the guiding light who could lead the conference toward achieving its vital goals, who better than this guy,? >> and now to the podium -- >> [applause] >> this is mahmoud ahmadinejad, president of iran. something tells he he wasn't the ideal speaker to kick off this conference. host: were you there in. guest: yeah
to do that in geneva on the 30th of june when we held a meeting where the foreign ministers of the permanent members of the u.n. were there. secretary clinton was there. russia, all of them were there. we agreed on principles and guidelines for political settlement which i had expected them to come to new york and endorse. it hasn't been endorsed up to today >> jon: why is russia reluctant to endorse? >> i think actually on this one the problem was not on the russian side >> jon: let's just blame them. (laughing) jon: obviously the show is on american television. i'm sure when you visit the russian tv show, you can lay it at our feet. >> we complain that the russians and the chinese have vetoed and blocked us from taking action >> jon: that's right but i still don't know what specific effective action we are going to take on the ground that the russians and the chinese blocked. if today they were to say, okay, we have no objections, what are we going to do? and this is the question >> jon: okay. because if you're asking me, we have a terrible problem here. but have world eve
. the southern freeway coming up from daly city. it is at geneva that an accident occurred off of the freeway. it is jammed out of daly city and along the southern freeway for the northbound right. wheel of did the drive times coming up. >>darya: we are continuing to follow a developing story this morning. the u.s. ambassador to libya hand three other security staffers for were killed in a rocket attack on their car in libya. we learn if they graduate cal berkeley in 1982. the president spoke a few minutes ago condemning the attacks. >>president obama: we're working with the country of libya to secure our diplomats and we're looking to increase security at our diplomatic posts around the world. for >>jackie: fire investigators from the alameda fire department had just left. the fire broke out early this morning displeasing at least 15 people. if according to alameda fire around 1:00 a.m. there received a phone call from this two-story building that actually has four units inside. phil according to officials, bystanders and witnesses told them there were people still inside the building. at
individual. it also rejected it geneva. -- it went against the worldly individual. janine has a distinction between combatant and non-combatant. this enemy did not make the distinction between those they killed or even themselves. in that all of their inherent -- adherants were combatants, jihadists, in their eyes. harkening back to how i began, there is a security structure built on geneva meeting an enemy that was constructed on neither of these premises. beyond that, we have figured out how to make ourselves both secure and free. we decided stuff into bins. we put all of the domestic stuff over here. we put all of the intelligence derived information over here. we put all the law-enforcement stuff over here. and now, here was an enemy living between foreign and domestic, intelligence and law enforcement. for god's sake, one of them stayed in a hotel 4 miles from my headquarters prior to the attack. you see the challenge. we have all kinds of institutions. how do you adapt your institutions to the new threat? two days after 9/11, i give a talk to the nsa work force. actually, it was an em
to district 7, and we also included the whole median of the geneva underpass, from d 11 to d 7. and again, this was a zero population change. we then ran various checks, including a continuity check on the planned area, verified the plans, and we had two results on the continuity check. when we had zero population non contiguous area, and that is the area over here. that is a 0 population, nine contiguous area, because it was initially connected to district 6, and we moved out to district 10, because there is a census block that was otherwise cut off from district 6. that was done. . the other continuity check, we just wanted to verify that you wanted to parallel the islands in district 4. and that concludes our report. everything else came out beautifully, as designed. mr. mcdonnell: excellent, thank you. mr. pilpel: we did not address this earlier, and i'm not sure it bears much discussion, acceleration and deferral. i would note for record outhat anyone in an even number number district will have the effect of accelerating, so they will have voted in 2010 and again in 2012, where is an
a dialogue with all sides. >> stronger words came in geneva, where the un secretary general ban ki-moon demanded justice be delivered against any war criminals or human rights violators on either side of the conflict. fighting continues across syria. the rhetoric of the diplomat, so far, has not made any impact. >> london has officially capped off its summer of sport with a spectacular closing ceremony for the paralympics. >> we'll have more on that later in the show. first, some other stories making news. iraq's vice president said he will not return home until he is guaranteed security and a fair trial. tareq al-hashemi is currently in exile in turkey. he was sentenced to death on sunday 40 the politically- motivated murders. iraq -- on sunday for two politically-motivated murders. >> in south africa, thousands of miners remain on strike, despite the deadline to return to work. workers are demanding wage increases and better working conditions. labor unrest is posing an increasingly serious challenge to the african national congress power in south africa. >> in rome, police have
is following the commute. >>> san francisco north 280 before geneva big rig hit a tree cleared to the shoulder now. north 80 at lavorgna accident left lane slow past the scene. in san francisco this morning the big apple reveal 10:00 anywhere around yerba buena gardens expect delays, third, fourth, howard and mission. >>> when we come >>> we come back. beautiful picture from vollmer peak. thick fog up north, getting lighter 1 1/2 mile visibility napa, 2 half moon bay everybody else okay flight arrival delays into sfo. 50s right now, 60s along the coast increasing sun this afternoon, 70s bay, ♪ it's a beautiful day >>> look at aimee copeland. what a story. a courageous young woman who survived a flesh-eating disease. she came on to katie couric's new show. after that, she had a chance to meet and speak with josh. she says she has plenty to celebrate. robin on medical leave. josh and i waiting to hear from the president. >> w >> we take a look. live at the rose garden. if president is expected to speak in moments. we don't have the pictures now. weir waiting on the president. as george said, a
, north africa and southeast asia. rioters attacked the american embassy in geneva and threw tear gas to keep protesters out of the building. protesters were the streets of beirut. they called on the hezbollah leader who made a rare appearance. >>> the presidential campaign is in full swing this noontime. president barack obama is in cincinnati ohio where he announced the white house is aggressively going after unfair trade practices by china. president barack obama is demanding china's government stop subsidizing that which costs jobs. >> these are subsidies that directly harm working men and women on the assembly line in ohio and across the midwest. it is not right, it is against the rules and we will not let it stand. >> reporter: the obama administration plans to ask the world trade organization to take action against china for subsidies. >>> and mitt romney fired back against the president's statements today and mitt romney issued a statement accusing mr. obama for ignoring china for too long. he called it too little too late for middle-class families and mitt romney promised he
other communities and neighborhoods across the coming up next some of the area has we heard about geneva and in the sunset and great highway and lincoln way that we have seen particularly impacted. fulton we have heard, very impacted by this, as well as brotherhood way in district 7. so this is something -- and the bayview, and a number of other places as well -- so i know this are a number of places that are impacted by the storage of oversized vehicles and sometimes individuals who may be living in some of the motorhomes as well. so i just wanted to put this proposal out there. i look forward to the conversation we'll be having today. and i will yield the floor to supervisor cohen, but after that we'll go to the mta for their presentation. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you legislation before us and we have a number of areas all throughout the district that do not have parking restrictions. this has led to many problems with a number of oversized and abandoned vehicles, many of which accumulate graffiti and obstruct pedestrian crossings blight in the neighborhood. and in evaluatin
the globe. thornton has agreed to go to switzerland and play for the geneva team. he actually met his wife there. other sharks are headed to over countryings. the nhl locked players out on friday. >>> south bay race car driver almendinger is calling it a learning program after being reinstated today by nascar. almendinger tested positive for amirol. >>> the giants again trying to trim the magic number to win the national league west. the west they can do is get it down to seven by beating the rockies. the dodgers were rained out in washington they will play in a double header tomorrow. not the time of year you want to have double headers stacking up. so if you can get it done in seven tonight. >> too bad about the a's. >> yeah. >>> groups heading out on whale watching trips are getting a whole lot more these days. coming up, take a look at what people are spotting up and down the northern california coast. >> wow. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. na add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own burger. now at denny's.
] and reconnections efforts. and will kickoff in early 2013. and we also have a $300,000 grant for the geneva harney bus rapid transit analysis, which is again a long-term effort that we've had in that area of town, part of the county study. and in fact we're going to get some swoon funding for the local match from san mateo in addition to our own. so, congratulations to the planning staff on yet another achievement in this area and staff, bravo on that. also i'd like to congratulate the planning department because they got two grants out of this -- planning grants part of caltrans, one for mission street transit and public grounds improvement study, which is very key to that area, and another one very interesting for living alley, pedestrian network study. both of these are topics, very current. what we did not get unfortunately is the grant we had requested from the [speaker not understood] design project. but we are going to continue to support the efforts of the chair and commissioner wiener to get some near term traffic improvements in that area involving the san jose avenue ramp, off ramp from
and they are in the in any particular area, at least you might see concentrations along moscow street. alamony street. geneva and also commercial vehicles scattered throughout the greater parts of district 11. and if we are going to apply signs to limit commercial vehicles or oversized vehicles in general we will have to put signs on every block of district 11 and it seems unreal to me that we would actually be able to do that. in fact my office has worked for a number of years ever since i was been in office about how to deal with this seemingly im trackable problem of vehicles that are parked on our residential street that gets tagged and graffitis on a daily basis. it is a bliet to our neighborhood and it has been raised by people in my district and great work that the people have done in my district. but i don't see that we are going to apply signs in every block in my district to make this happen. i also have concerns that we are actually a big part of this legislation, is targeting people who are homeless or living in their cars, living in vehicles. and we don't understand the total impacts of that. so
that the mona lisa foundation in geneva a group formed to investigate the painting insists this is a second melissa also painting by leonardo da vinci of the same woman when she was 10 years younger. to support their case they prepared a found providing and a rebel documents purporting to show leonardo painted the image twice, they provided scientific proof using modern scanning techniques and brought in an fbi specialist to show the 10 year younger mona lisa would have looked like this and they cited art experts. >>> for me this is an original of leonardo >>> no it is not say other experts like the man who wrote numerous books on leonardo get arthur cam from oxford university >>> fish and is it is too perfect leonardo fiddled with his paintings and change things >>> the second moon of lisa if that is what it is on for 100 years and an english country house them for 23 years kept in london before it was bought by henry pulitzer the american collector but now only it is claimed as the real thing. mark phillips cbs news london. , we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card
to geneva, we opened the clip with ahmadinijad, they were getting a sense of what we were about. i recall, i was walking down the hallway. we were credentialed. i was walking down the hallway. there was some guy who was eating a sandwich, he looked up at me. i saw his mouth dropped. he said, why were you here? he said, it cannot be here. i said, i have credentials. he ran off. you can use the bureaucracy against them. they ended up throwing me out. only at the end did they figure out. host: what did they do? guest: they did not do anything. we were already in editing when we shot the geneva park. it fell in our lap. we stopped editing. during the printable filming, they had no clue. it was afterwards. host: knowing what you know, if you are pro-un, what are some of the things he might say about this documentary? that would argue with your premise. guest: that is an interesting question. if i was them, there are a few things i would say. i would say, why did you not give us equal time? my answer is, it is my movie. i crafted it the way i wanted. it is a polemic. you could argue that. the argu
hard to bring them together. the last effort was a meeting in geneva on the 30th of june, where i brought together the foreign ministers, the permanent members of the security council, so they were all in general have no extra, with the foreign ministers of iraq, turkey, kuwait, qatar, and the secretaries general of the league of rfc and the u.n., and we came to an agreement on political settlement that you need political transition, and went further, and even defined what political transition meant. it would mean an interim government with full executive powers. it will mean assurance that security forces have top notch leadership. will mean a continuity of service asks so you don't have chaotic collapse. but the moment you begin talking of interim government with executive powers, it meets -- it's on its way out. the difference, which is so -- is for some, he has to leave before the process, for others he leaves during the process. and i have thought that they would come to new york and then sit in the security council. but instead, they got into another acrimonious discussion o
the breakdown of the geneva agreement and the breakdown of the apartheid agreement and a series of meetings without results. what are the lessons to be learned from this? >> to put things in perspective -- you can think -- one will find going forward -- we were talking about the agreement in istanbul. the whole issue of 20% of iran's call for sanctions, the united states there is a problem that iran to want to negotiate for a position which has changed -- you talk about 20% -- they want sanctions to be lifted with them stopping 20%. the question is they are enriching. we said their right to enrich should be recognized and that would negate all the u.n. sanctions. the nuclear issue stems from u.n. security council issues. within the margins of this issue, there is room to change going forward. i think we may find that it is constrained by the fact that israel is still there. israel is not about to let go of its concerns. i think there has been a lack of dialogue. it would be good if the two sides could sit down together. they could start with this temple and hold discussions and feel of how
the word of god. it is the geneva bible. this is the bible that predates the king james bible. they brought that with them. our forefathers believe that we must have faith in the true god of heaven and in his word. his word would give you wisdom on how to live and govern your society in a way that would be a blessing to all. her foot is set on top of a that is plymouth rock. there are four smaller statues. our forefathers believe that faith was at the top. it would be expressed if it was genuine faith in these four ways. first, it would be expressed through an internal transformation of the heart, represented by morality. morality is there, etched in granite and sitting on a chair. in her right hand she is holding the 10 commandments. and her left, the scroll of revelation. to her right is inscribed int he granite, prophet. to her left, evangelist. in our forefathers understanding, faith expresses itself not as an extra not standard of morality imposed on the people, but rather an internal change of heart that is produced by the power of the gospel. then you have the standard of the command
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 177 (some duplicates have been removed)